The watertreatment is a very large facility. The water comes from a waterfall and flows to a lake. From there it is processed in two tanks. The sand is pumped off in a plant and can be loaded onto trucks. the water management office is the control center, here is the first puzzle. Opposite in the factory is the second riddle and from there you get to the underground labyrinth. There are 4 underground bunkers.

Prefabs: 1671

Please note:

Download the prefab files and place them in RustEdit/CustomPrefabs directory of RustEdit.
The prefabs can be accessed in the custom section of prefab browser. To use sinlge letters, the prefab has to be broken by selecting it (once placed) and using the „break prefab“ function.

Important: I don’t use „prevent building sphere/cubes“ in any of my prefabs, also no monument markers are set. These need to be added by yourself.
If the NPCs are not wanted, press the H key (overview of all prefabs) and delete them from the prefab.  

Questions and suggestions:
If you have any problems you can contact me via

Katalaner  РDiscord: https://discord.gg/e2vrPszZFX

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