About Transylvania

On this island the prefabs of the past months are installed. a city in the snow, a destroyed city in the desert and many smaller military facilities were created with great attention to detail. The monuments of the older generation such as water treatment, nuclear power plant and others have also been revised. Due to the abundance of things there was no more room for above-ground trains. but they exist in the underground.

Have a look at the video, a few players are obviously having a lot of fun


1  Custom – Beach Club
2  Custom – Harbor
3  Custom – Horserace
4  Custom – Nuclear Power Plant
5  Custom – City Last Hope
6  Custom – Watertreatment
7  Custom – International Airport
8  Custom – Arctic Base
9  Custom – Farmer
10 Custom – Horserace
11 Custom – Field Military Base Camp
12 Custom – Car Service
13 Custom – Floating Island
14 Custom – City Rockford
15 Custom – Garage
16 Custom – Special Forces Military Base

17 Rust Monument – Desert Military Base
18 Rust Monument – Ranch
19 Rust Monument – Fishing Village
20 Rust Monument – Large Fishing Village
21 Rust Monument – Lighthouse
22 Rust Monument – Oil rig smal
23 Rust Monument – Oil rig big
24 Rust Monument – Unterwater Lab
25 Rust Monument – Fishing Village
26 Rust Monument – Bandit Camp
27 Rust Monument – Large Barn
28 Rust Monument – Cave Hard
29 Rust Monument – Cave Easy
30 Rust Monument – Freight Transit Line

Bradley APC on, Airport and Camp
Cargo Ship and NPC´s  in game

33303 Prefabs

No Trains!!!

Please note: The map was checked on the day of upload and tested for functionality. Rust releases an update every month. if your server is not kept up to date, there may be problems with the map.

Questions and suggestions:
If you have any problems you can contact me via

Katalaner  – Discord:

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