Kata Island

About Kata Island

Kata Island is a particularly player-friendly island. It is well suited for PVE and Roleplay servers. One thing was very important when creating the map: Rust’s standard monuments should be used as little as possible. Because it is particularly interesting not to always see the same things. The Nuclear Power Plant, Watertreatment, Arctic Military Base, Airport, the gas station and other monuments were replaced by custom structures. This promotes the joy of discovery in the game.

The player-friendliness is particularly evident because up to 30 possible building sites have been created. They all have a flat surface and are marked with a cross on the map to be able to build there easily. A little tip: In the case of roleplay servers, these can be assigned by the mayor.

Have fun on the map!

The fun factor should not be neglected. Therefore, various interesting structures were created.

At the horse race you can compete with others. The fastest player could then get a predetermined prize, just like in the car racing game where the vehicles can also be prepared beforehand in the garage of the Stock Car Race.

The Arctic Race offers icy fun, where you can use a racetrack with snow mobiles. The sleds themselves are in the Arctic Military Base. But be careful, there are Scientists in the facility.

To go sledding can also be a lot of fun: there is a long downhill trail in the middle of the island. If you don’t want to walk up the mountain, you can buy a transport helicopter and fly up the mountain, you can even take your friends with you.

If you are not yet fit to shoot, you can practice in the Riffle Club. Targets are available for this purpose. Do you want to compete?


The map offers many individual missions. They must be carried out using fuses and keycards. You can find these at the Airfield, Watertreatment, Train Station, Harbor and Military Tunnel.


All structures include loot boxes. Some also have locked crates. The regular barrels and crates can be found lining the streets.

Buildings and monuments

There is to discover:

1.      The (custom) nuclear power plant

2.      Rust’s abandoned military camp

3.      A custom train station with a little puzzle

4.      The custom watertreatment with Bradley, in which two puzzles have to be solved

5.      The town of Last Hope, where all vending machines are provided

6.      The small police station, which contains a prison for evil players (teleport that)

7.      A hospital with medical loot boxes. Who wants to play doctor?

8.      A bus stop where two NPCs are waiting to sell you missions

9.      The large excavator and the junkyard next to it

10.   The custom Riffle Club and mining outpost

11.   The custom Beach Club with surf instructors and jetty into the sea

12.   The Outpost, Bandit Camp and Military Tunnel

13.   A Custom International Airport with Bradley and adjacent a motel resort where admins can port players to

14.   Two farms with farmland where pumpkins and corn grow

15.   A military facility with new tanks and Humvees, and a field camp where a Bradley drives around

16.   A custom Harbor, which also has a large storage with puzzles and scientists

17.   A custom garage with a working hoist and the Stock Car Race

18.   A hunter who has his little house in the woods

19.   The race course and barn where horses are for sale

20.   An underwater laboratory

21.   A large mountain area with a ruined castle and a long sled track

22.   The custom military camp in the snow region where the Dome is located

23.   The town of Rockford, which has a small bottle factory, pizzeria, burger joint, grocery store, pharmacy, church, and a few houses that you can walk through

24.   The floating island far out at sea

25.   The small and the large oil platform

26.   The broken pirate ship

27.   The cargo ship 

28.   The large fishing village

29.   A flight school where you can buy a helicopter

30.   Train Yard where trains can be unloaded

31.   Mo´s Gas Station with convenience store and Oxums Gas Station

32.   The Lighthouse

33.   Casa Vita, a ruined castle that you can climb up

34.   The Freight Transit Line and the Above Ground Trains

35.   173 NPCs (Scientists) at the monuments

The map has been tested by active players for functionality.

Installed prefabs: 41765

Map size: 4500

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